Just so you know…

Be kind, or leave.

I have no patience for bad faith

arguments, malicious jokes, or

general mean spirited-ness.

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If you can see this, congrats, it means you have a big monitor!

This page was designed with mobile users in mind, because the site builder I use doesn't manually scale.

I just wanted to keep all of the information on here easily legible and accessible cuz it's big important.

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If you are Weird to animals or minors please gtfo sucks ass lol


Please do not make sexual comments around me. This includes jokes.

Please do not vent to me about heavy personal issues (Especially those of self harm or intense depression).

Yes, even if we’re close friends. Yes, even if you’re 17 and 11 months.

If I am ever acting odd or

erratic, please let me know!

I have several disorders that can affect how I

interact, and at times I can’t catch myself.

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